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How PPN is Fighting Fraud

Find out how PPN is fighting fraud

Fraud is one of the major contributing factors to our rising health care costs.

PPN would like to put your mind at ease and can assure you that the PPN forensic unit initiates campaigns that detect occurrences of fraudulent activities, investigates them and creates prevention mechanisms to deter these fraudulent acts from occurring.

PPN has created the following mechanisms as part of our fraud prevention campaigns:

  • Authenticate-It for lens validation ( Multifocal lenses)
  • Practice profiling
  • Automated System filters
  • Biometrics
  • A Hotline service to report fraudulent activities in the industry by either members or providers
  • Member interviews

PPN further enhances systems and information through the strategic partnerships with forensic auditing companies with required expertise and participation at HFMU level.

More About Fighting Fraud

To find out more about our fraud preventative measures, contact Tulani Booysen on 041 506 5900 or