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Join the PPN Network

Joining the PPN network

When joining the PPN network, providers agrees to the following:

  • To invoice the PPN tariff on all PPN medical aid submissions (provider or member refund)
  • Offer contracted medical aid members the materials included in the negotiated optical benefit
  • Submit the clinical information required for the approval of claims
  • Support PPN initiatives
  • Maintaining a range of ReadyMade Readers up to the value of R80 - 90 per pair
  • Subscribe to Optimum for benefit confirmations and claim submissions
  • Subscribe to the Forensic protocols implemented
  • Subscribe to the Biometrics system
  • Provide all prescription and wellness information


Artificial Intelligence and access to instant information is the new norm.  Optimum is reliable, easy, fast and a trusted claim submission method for the network.  This is a FREE service for PPN providers and attract no switching fees.

This website allows providers to manage benefits, claims, remittances as well as all PPN initiatives (Biometrics, Authenticate It and Support).

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Contact our membership department for more details: Brit Plaaitjies (041) 506 5938 or via Email

Download Application

Download the membership application

If you would like to join the PPN network, download the Membership application above or contact our membership department for more details:

Brit Plaaitjies (041) 506 5938