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Benefits of Joining PPN

Our 2022 Services

PPN offers their contracted providers the following services:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Uplifting and Investing in female optometrists with preference given to PDI Optometrists
  • Contracted Schemes: PPN secure as many lives as possible for the network, through prudent negotiation with medical aids
  • PPN members can belong to as many networks as they choose
  • Direct payment from Contracted Medical Aids twice a week
  • Quality CPD accredited articles
  • 10 Vouchers per practice per year to help PDI children who cannot afford spectacles
  • Optimum administrative system
  • FREE online submission when using Optimum
  • Online benefit inquiry services
  • Artificial Intelligence interface
  • PPN credit facility
  • PPN switching facility
  • Industry support

Optimum, Online Support System

PPN provides you with our online support system Optimum which allows you to do:

  • Membership validation
  • Online Benefit validation and confirmation
  • Submission of claims
  • Authenticate It system
  • Artificial Intelligence Response
  • Reversal requests
  • Claim listing
  • Automatic adjudication of claims and claims assessing
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Motivation adjudication 
  • Remittance Advices
  • Document uploads
  • Online credit application 
  • Socio Economic Support (Masibonisane)
  • Warranty claim and order functionality
  • Support
  • News and updates

PPN Network or General Information?

If you would like to join the PPN network, contact our membership department for more details and options alternatively contact our contact centre:

Membership   041 506 5938


Contact Centre 041 065 0650