2016 Amehlo Graduate Feedback

PPN is proud that our first 3 month graduate initiative has come to an end with the amazing Kabelo and Ntswaki.

Some lovely feedback from the ladies:


Thank you once again for this opportunity, I appreciate the role PPN played in my life through this program, it shaped me, moulded me and helped me to find myself. Today I can stand holding my head high, I cannot help but also thank the teachers who contributed to equip and transform me in responsible and focused optometrist.

In overall I found this program unique, well organised and exceptional. I also like the fact that we take courses in many different subjects and I learnt a lot more than I expected. The program was also useful for familiarizing myself with optometry and its business. This program was a life changing journey.

Thank you

Kind regards
Kabelo Makua


Great program, very informative and educative. Now I can use all the knowledge I have gained during this 3 months when I finally open my own practice without worrying about not making my turnover and not succeeding, because I know what to do to run a successful practice and avoid getting into trouble. Through the commercial training I gained a lot of knowledge about the smooth running of a practice, analysing an income statement and all the important things to consider before buying a practice. My clinical knowledge has extended as I had the opportunity to learn more about contact lenses and multi focal lenses in broad spectrum, was blessed enough to have different ophthalmologists to share their knowledge in their field with us and see a cataract surgery. The great exposure I had when sitting -in with different optometrists and observe as to how each of them have different techniques when testing patients.
Overall this was a great experience for me, all the lectures were great and everyone was friendly and polite. No words can ever express how grateful I am for having been chosen as the Amehlo grad, thank you.
Ntswaki Ramalobela