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Optical Benefits as of 1 January 2018:

Each beneficiary is entitled to the following benefits within a two year benefit cycle subject to their last claiming date. Historical Claims will be taken into account to determine the benefit cycle.

Negotiated Tariff: PPN 1 (In Network Benefit below and Managed care rules applicable)

Limited savings available above insured limits (Member to pay provider and claim back from savings)

One All inclusive consultation including refraction, tonometry and visual field screening

•  FRAME : An Insured benefit towards Frames and Lens enhancements: PPN Frame to the value of R150.00 OR R550.00 towards an alternative Frame and or lens enhancements OR R700 towards a frame of your choice and or lens enhancements

• LENSES : One pair of clear standard lenses : Either Single Vision or Bifocal lenses or Multifocal lenses

Contact lenses to the value of 1230

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