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Scheme rules apply

To confirm that you or a dependent is entitled to optical benefit, SMS your request to 45119 with the following details:

Benefit,MembershipNumber,Surname,BirthDateDependent,MainMemberID,DependantNumber, UniqueMedicalAid Key

Example: SMS 45119 Message details: Benefit 277323232 Botha 19721220 7212205065089 0 106

Important information:

Replace each comma with a space in your SMS and ensure the details are accurate and only one space is between each requirement. Kindly make sure the birthdate is in the correct format as per the example. The information will return within 1 minute on a new SMS. The full benefit breakdown per dependent is available by logging in to the PPN website or a guideline is given below. Your schemes unique medical key is 106.

Unity Health (Network Only)

2022 Optical Benefits & Options Contracted

Each beneficiary is entitled to the following benefits within a 2 year benefit cycle subject to the last claiming date.

Forensic protocols and AI screening included in design

The benefits are a guideline and scheme rules apply

Negotiated Tariff : PPN 1 (Lenses are dispensed in network at an agreed network rate. The same product out of network may result in co-payments if an out of network provider dispenses at industry rates.)

One Comprehensive Consultation (Refraction, Tonometry, Visual Field Screening and AI)

  • IN NETWORK : Frame benefit up to the value of R 254
  • REFUND VALUE : Frame benefit up to the value of R 191
  • One pair of either Single Vision or Bifocal clear standard lenses

No contact lenses available on this option

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