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2019 Optical Benefits:

Each beneficiary is entitled to the following benefits within a 2 year benefit cycle from last date of claiming.

Negotiated Tariff: PPN 1

All co-payments on the optical benefit are subject to available Savings.

One Comprehensive Consultation

  • One pair of clear standard lenses: Either Single Vision or Bifocal lenses or Multifocal lenses 
  • IN NETWORK : A Frame to the value of R1350.00 towards an alternative Frame and or Lens enhancements
  • OR
  • OUT OF NETWORK/REFUND VALUE :A Frame to the value of R900.00 towards an alternative Frame and or Lens enhancements
  • 2 x ReadyMade Readers at R80 per pair (Part of Spectacle Lens benefit)
  • Contact lenses to the value of R1785.00
  • A contact lens re-examination every 6 months after the composite consultation

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