Provider Communication: Emergency Services during C19 Lockdown

Many providers have probably debated the question of whether or not they should remain open during lockdown to assist with emergencies.

Providers when deciding to remain open should take into consideration the following;

1. Will the volume of emergencies justify exposing your staff, (who would need to travel to and from work daily) to the virus?
2. Once you open your practice you have no justification to ask your landlord for rental reprieve.

We accept that emergencies are real and that all providers are duty bound to offer assistance when called upon to do so. 

This service to your patients should and can be made possible by providing your patients with access to emergency numbers and emergencies can be treated on demand.

The PPN office remains open with the staff working remotely in order to afford them protection.

Providers are reminded that you have direct access to our online operating system, Optimum, to check on outstanding claims, and access benefit information and submit claims.

We  urge you all to take care and observe safe protocols.

Stay safe.

The PPN Team