Emergency Contact information



Stay home if you feel unwell. Should you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing - seek medical attention. Services that are not essential or a condition that does not require urgent intervention should rather be postponed to a later stage.  Follow the directions of your local health authority.  

Lock-down is implemented to protect you and your families from contracting COVID-19 during a period where our healthcare system is bound to be overwhelmed.

"In the days, weeks and months ahead, our resolve, our resourcefulness and our unity as a nation will be tested as never before.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa

The PPN team is working remotely during lockdown - we apologise for any inconvenience. 

We will continuously roll out new initiatives to improve service delivery to you our valued clients. 

Thank you for your patience during this time.


Register ONLINE:  Create a LOG IN on this website to VIEW benefits and claims for your family. 

SMS  45119 and we will return a SMS to confirm if you are in benefit, see the guide on what INFORMATION to SMS under OPTICAL BENEFITS, select your Medical Scheme. The system will automatically respond to you.

SMS 45119: Medical aid Name, Number and General Query info. We will contact you with the information within 24 - 48 hours.

WHATSAPP your benefit inquiry or for a claim submission to 066 202 1005 (claim attachments for refunds only)


Utilise Optimum and Optimum support to assist members. Refer support queries via Optimum.

Please read the communication : https://www.ppn.co.za/about/provider-communication-help-us-flatten-the-curve-covid-19 

WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE (PPN will respond within 24 - 48 hours):

Kindly correspond with PPN via email where applicable -

Benefits : info@ppn.co.za

Claims : claims@ppn.co.za

Motivations : motivations@ppn.co.za

Emergency : management@ppn.co.za