About PPN


PPN is currently one of the largest optical network in the country with:

  • Medical aids contracted to PPN to assist with optical benefit management
  • Almost 2 Million Medical aid members obtaining an optical benefit through various contracts
  • Almost 2300 Practices contracted to our network

We set the benchmark in Optical Benefit design and management:

  • 25 Years of Optical Benefit and Claims Management experience
  • Transparent & Honest Relationship Building
  • Service Excellence
  • Dedicated & Multilingual Call Center
  • Fully integrated benefit and claims management system
  • Insured Benefit designs
  • ReadyMade Readers benefit
  • Fraud management
  • Validate /Authenticate IT system
  • Fundus Photography
  • Laboratory Ordering System
  • Second Benefit Warranty
  • Frame Ordering System
  • Artificial Intelligence initiatives
  • PPN credit availability



We commit to embrace and live by these values in all our everyday PPN business activities:
Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Accountability.


PPN’s vision is to operate the largest preferred optical network in South Africa by delivering a service of benefit and claims administration that is recognized as the benchmark within the industry.


  • To deliver top quality service to our stakeholders;
  • To provide cost effective eye care without compromising professional standards through continuous innovation on all our processes, services & products;
  • To create a conducive working environment that is both aspirational & motivational for our people through growth & development programs; 
  • To create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients through value adding solutions.


The Masibonisane campaign came into being with a vision by PPN to ensure that all previously disadvantage children in South Africa has access to an optometric evaluation and identifying any special needs therefore enhancing their education through good sight. Through the Masibonisane campaign PPN will provide the funds to ensure that children in PDI areas obtain an eye screening and further optical assistance to not only improve their vision, but the quality of life and their future. The Masibonisane team members have therefore dedicated themselves to this campaign to assist children of all ages by screening schools in PDI communities. The need for optical assistance is keenly evident in children of school going age. No child should be disadvantaged and hindered in their academic progression due to undiagnosed and/or untreated eye problems. PPN would like to invest in our future by focusing on the most important asset of South Africa, our children.

Visit www.masibonisane.co.za to see the schools that we have adopted.

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We thank our partners (Medical schemes and Optometric Providers) for making this a reality. Without you we will not be able to assist these children!


PPN Graduate Initiative - Amehlo

PPN established the Amehlo Trust in 2016. 

The goal of this initiative is to enable graduates to effectively manage and establish their own practices

The initiative makes funding available through the Amehlo Trust to assist previously disadvantaged female optometrists

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